Eighty Nine Release Scheduled & Let’s Talk

What happens when you take a playlist of 26 songs from the year 1989, put them in a hat, shake them up, draw them out one-by-one and match them with an author, then tell that author to write a speculative fiction story about the year that was ’89 and use the song as a prompt?

The answer is Eighty Nine, the latest anthology edited by the ultra-talented Jodi Cleghorn of Literary Mix-Tapes and eMergent Publishing.

I’m thrilled that my story, Nowhere Land, based on David Bowie’s song Tin Machine, is in this book. I’m extremely proud of this story, and I’m even more proud of the work my co-contributors put into this book. Each story is a unique and wonderful treat to read.

The official release date for the book is October 25th. There will be a launch on Facebook for the book, so look for updates from me on there or on Twitter soon about that. I will blog it, if school work allows. Here is a link to Literary Mixtape’s site where you can pre-order the book and read a sample. 

I have another story coming out in an anthology soon, possibly this month. It’s another story I’m very proud of, and I wrote it around the same time as Nowhere Land. The anthology is the third collection from members of the Florida Writers Association. It’s titled Let’s Talk and it’s a compilation of stories written entirely in dialogue. I’m pleased that my fantasy story The King and His Twenty-Three Subjects will be in there. It’s recognition from my local peers and it’s a damn fine story. I’ll keep you posted on that one, too.

I’ve also done the incredibly crazy and ambitious thing of starting an e-zine. The Were-Traveler started as an idea for a story about a werewolf on a Gen Ship. Whenever the ship enters a lunar system, he turns and things get, well, a bloody mess. The story idea hasn’t panned out yet, but I used the title for the name of the blog. Take a look at it and send me some submissions, why don’t you?

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